Leung Ting from VingTsun chieftrainer to chief of WingTsun (WT) system

Leung Ting built as career of WingTsun (WT) system leader.
This interview was conducted by Michael Klausdorfer in German language.

Translated by Tommaso Gianni

Most of the Chinese Kungfu teachers using the “traditional” title should regret it. But this is not the case for the late Grandmaster Yip Man…

We talk with the Chinese Grandmaster of WingTsun (WT) Leung Ting, the first Kungfu teacher, who travels around the world as a Karajan of martial arts. We need to fly like travelling by bus through over 40 countries for a leading figure like him...

In this interview (Sijo-Great Grandmaster) Leung Ting talks about:
1 - The definition of a Grandmaster
2 - The meaning(s) traditional classes
3 - Pedagogy of martial arts
4 - The Unusual schedule of his learning
5 - Hearsay about Yip Man
6 - How did be become chieftrainer at the VTAA until Yip Man passed away
7 - The linguistic (spelling) and legal issue of WT & WC
8 - The argument about the photos
9 - Yip Man was a human being
10 - Yip Man temper
11 - Yip Man teaching "out of the box"
12 - Why Leung Ting took the distances from the other mates
13 - His success (?)

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