You can learn and have fun!

I am a tutor of languages based in South-East Cheshire.

My tutoring and lecturing experiences are:
I spent 2 months of study in Funabashi (Chibaken, Tokyo).
Worked as interpreter Mandarin-Italian for the local authorities in Italy.
Again as interprepter/translator from/to Japanese & Mandarin-Italian for local trading companies in Italy.

I have experienced tutoring in England since 2011 at the local private Languages School and teaching in South Korea from 2012 to 2015 at the University of Suwon.

My qualifications are:
Bachelor Degree in Oriental Languages (majoring in Mandarin and a minor in Japanese) by The State University of Venice.
Master Degree in Chinese Studies, specialising in Chinese Anthropology by The University of London, SOAS.

I am currently completing the TEFL with The TEFL Academy and the DPSI course at The Manchester College.

I offer tuition for:
Italian, Mandarin, Japanes, German for GBP 30.00 p/h

Contact me on or call me at 07768246280.TGianni
No part of these works included in my website can be used without my written authorisation


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