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I am a post grad student at the University of London, SOAS.

I conducted some interviews to be included in my final work for the department of anthropology. I spoke to Chinese people and people of Chinese culture from all age ranges who take part in Chinese martial arts training including Taijiquan.

I want to express my gratitude to all of them for supporting my work and providing me valuable data.

The first person who provided substantial assistance for this work in partucular has been Dr. Lee Chih-Ming, (Lǐ Zhmng) 李志明, who works at the Taiwanese University of Culture, for the Department of Martial Arts. Dr. Lee allowed me to interview his students and his lecture assistant, Ms. Yng Giyŭ 楊貴羽. I wish to express my gratitude towards the editorial staff of the Journal of Chinese Martial Studies (J.C.M.S.), in particular the Director, Wong Yuen-Ming who helped me to get in touch with scholar Ma Lianzhen. Some of the published articles have been of significant interest towards this work.

I also would like to mention an unquantifiable number of people who increased my personal experience of the traditional Chinese martial arts for this work in particular in a large variety of media including CDs and internet videos, such as; the Youtube series of martial arts lectures delivered by Prof. Ma Mingda,

Thanks for your help.

这是中国人生活在中国和国外的信息,它是所有男性和十几岁的老人和所有可能产生的社会背景女性的要求. 我需要做一些采访,由于我的文化项目,对于中华文化和武术表演. 我需要进行一些采访,包括在我的人类学系的最后工作. 请,如果你认为你可以为此作出贡献,我联系

這是對所有的信息,僑民,所有台灣和香港的人。我會開始做一些訪談就到中華文化和武術表演. 我需要進行一些採訪,包括在我最後的工作部門人類學。我有興趣聽你的經驗和意見。如果你想幫助我,幫助,請寫信給
No part of these works included in my website can be used without my written authorisation


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